Frequently Asked Questions at Gate Motors Johannesburg

Why should I automate my gate?

It is a convenient solution to anyone with a property, at Gate Motors Johannesburg we make sure that we have all the kits consumers need to secure your property and have it to automatically serve you.

How is a gate motor useful?

It is better to install gate motors as it is convenient for anyone to easily open their gate and easily close their gate at the same time lock, saving you lots of time, efforts and money as our kits are designed to last two to three years.

How long will it take to automate my gate?

When all the equipment and tools are at the location it usually takes us a day to install a new automated gate,

Why should I choose Gate Motors Johannesburg?

We are company that has been in the business of stocking, reselling and installing for many years now, there is nothing we do not know about gate motors, and our services and products are better than anywhere else you can get this services.

What is the most effective maintenance strategy?

We know everything there is to know about gate motors in which we have products that are very much easy to install, maintain or repair. We have various kits that are hard and easy to keep in good shape as they are designed to last long.

What other types of Gate Motors do you guys do?

Other services include:

  • Single wing gate kits
  • Single underground gate kits
  • 5 bar wooden gate kits
  • 5 bar metal gate kits

How long does it takes to install a Gate Motors?

Depending on the which parts does the customer wish to have installed if the customer chooses to install a new gate motor kit it will take round about two to three hours all together.